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Slot machines are most often programmed to pay out as winnings up to 82% to 98% of the bets placed. This is the player’s rate of return or theoretical payout percentage. The minimum rate of return for each slot machine depends on local laws. For example, in the state of Nevada the minimum return rate is 75%, in New Jersey 83% and in Mississippi 80%. Winning combinations, payout amounts and their frequency are carefully calculated and selected so that a certain portion of the money remains for the casino, the rest is paid out to players. For example, if a game on a slot machine costs one dollar and the return rate of the machine is 95%, it can be calculated that in the long run, for example after one million games, the machine will pay out to the players 950 thousand dollars out of the one million deposited. The casino or the operator will be left with USD 50 thousand

The average payout rate is not the only important statistic, the percentage for each item in the payout table is also important. For example, a payout table with 12 different jackpots for which, except for the jackpot, the probability is 0%, can be very misleading. If the jackpot win is equal to 4000 bets, and it happens once every 4,000 games, then the average return is 100%, even though the game is very boring.

The probability table for a slot machine is PARS (Paytable & Reel Strips). PARS helps players to understand the principle of the slot machine. For example, if a game offers 13 payouts, ranging from 1:10 to 2400:1, a 1:1 payout happens once every 8 games, a 5:1 payout happens once every 33 games, and a 2:1 payout happens once every 600 games. PARS sheets are mostly confidential and the manufacturer does not publish them, but there is a good chance that the PARS sheet of your favourite game will be available somewhere on the internet. They have no real value to players, however, as slot machines usually have 8 to 12 programs with different payouts.

Slot machines also use “incentives”. Every few games the slot machine will pay out a small amount of money to increase the player’s engagement and encourage them to continue playing. If a player is constantly losing money without receiving any winnings, they will quickly become bored and leave the game. This is why slot machines are programmed to maintain interest in the game. The incentive is usually a 1:1 or 2:1 payout.

Slot Strategy

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In a slot machine game, everything depends on luck. There are no strategies to help you win, but on the other hand some tips can be very useful.

Stick to Slots with Low Jackpots

If you play in a traditional casino, you will notice that slots that offer million-dollar jackpots are not very popular. This is because the chances of breaking the jackpot are very low. That’s why you should stick to slots that offer jackpots worth a few thousand, because they give you a much better chance of winning. Slot machines with smaller jackpots are more likely to pay out attractive winnings.

You have to know when to move on

As with other casino games, you can sometimes hit a bad streak. When this happens, you should just move on and stop playing or change machines to change your luck.

End the Game When You’re in the Positive

If you are on a good streak or have just managed to hit the jackpot, it is a good idea to cash out your winnings and walk away. If you keep playing, there is a high probability that you will lose all your winnings. So, as with other casino games, end the game when you are in the positive.

Bet According to Strategy

Always follow a betting strategy that will help you win. For example, always start with the lowest possible bet and increase it after every loss. If you win, do the opposite. There is no betting strategy that guarantees winning because slot games are 100% random. However, this betting pattern can increase your chances.

Place Maximum Bets

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Although this contradicts the previous tip, it refers to a different way of playing. This strategy involves placing the highest bets to get the highest winnings. This is crucial for online video slots, as some bonuses are unavailable if the player does not place the maximum bet.

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