Which are the best CS:GO tournaments to bet on?

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CS:GO, as well as the concept of eSport as a whole, is still relatively new, so the competitions are consolidating. Even so, only in Brazil there are already several very prestigious tournaments that pay millionaire prizes. Check out some of them below to find out what you can bet on at a CSGO betting site.

 LA League

cyber league

The “LA” stands for Latin America, so it’s easy to deduce that this is a continental tournament. The interesting thing to note is that Brazil is one of the powers of the sport in the world, so it has done very well in the three editions of the tournament – the official arm of the ESL, the world’s largest competition. It is an excellent tournament to bet on, especially for those who are just starting out.

Clutch Circuit

Known (correctly) as the Brasileirão of CS:GO, the Clutch Circuit is the pinnacle of prestige in terms of eSports in the country. It’s the top level of competition at the national level, and big teams organise themselves every season to be able to compete, even more so because the competition gives access to the other two mentioned here (LA League and Club Masters).

Gamers Club Masters

Probably the most popular tournament in Brazil, the GCM is called the Brazilian Majors. It’s a more relaxed tournament than the others, usually taking place in person at a home (both players and narrators and commentators). The growth in popularity of this event has led to it even being considered to happen twice a year, instead of just once.

 What are the best tournaments to bet on CS:GO in the world?

It’s on the global stage, however, that we find some of the biggest tournaments of all, which you’ll get to know now.


ESL league

The ESL is one of the most important bodies when it comes to CS:GO, and the tournament One is extremely prestigious, since the participating teams are few and, literally, handpicked by the federation, which organises tournaments all over the world (see the ESL LA League). It is worth mentioning, from the same organisation, the PRO League, with one of the highest prize pools of all.


Started in 2017, the BLAST Pro Series has seen more than 10 editions broadcast worldwide, gaining fame and prestige everywhere. It is one of the most coveted competitions by teams, so much so that top names feature among its champions, such as the Brazilians of MIBR and the biggest champions of all, the Danes of Astralis. The prize of US$250,000 is one of the highest of all, it must be said.


In terms of tradition, DreamHack is probably the ultimate authority. The name actually refers to a games fair that started in Sweden in 1994, but in the last decade has become synonymous with a beloved and well-attended tournament. The tournaments within the competition all follow the same format and prize pool (US$250,000) and it is a real obsession of Brazilians, who have not won one to date. 

Finding the best CSGO betting site is not as difficult as it may seem at first: you just need to research carefully and pay attention to vital factors, such as security and legality within Brazil. Once found the ideal option, the idea is to keep an eye on the best odds, interesting promotions (especially if they are focused on eSports) and events that interest you. CSGO is a great game to bet on, but remember: the best bet is the one for which you are best prepared.

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